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February 02, 2010


Nora Stlaurent

I had read the Rythmn of Grace first. I think I would be lost had i just jumped into Songs of Deliverance first.
Review: Marilyn Griffith writes with such sensitivity, passion and distinctiveness, all of my senses were at attention. This author had me witness, hear, feel and experience the believability of the characters, and the intimate details of their lives woven together by the intensity of their individual situations. These characters and their stories touched me deeply; I carried Song of Deliverance with me everywhere I went until I read the last page. It was that gripping.

Marilyn’s passion and love for the Lord drips off the pages and into your heart. This author has a way of putting you into the action in a very real way. I haven’t experienced anything like it before. She has a unique style of writing that I soon adapted to. I was swept up into the story and fascinated by her rich array of characters. Marilyn writes whole chapters in different characters points of view. In the beginning of each chapter there is the name of the character so you know who is doing the talking. I quickly got into the rhythm and was hooked.

After I finished Songs of Deliverance, the sequel to Rhythm of Grace, I knew I had been part of something special, amazing and eye opening. Just as Marilyn’s characters felt, I, too, felt I’d been kissed by good and deemed lovable. No matter what happens in this life, our heavenly daddy is there with open arms to love us thru this journey called life. He will give us songs of deliverance if we are brave enough to sing the song He has specifically for us.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek into Marilyn’s style of writing. “The bubbles tickled my shoulders but brought no humor to them. I’d thought that a good, hot bath might numb the pain, but some things couldn’t be soaked or scrubbed away. Some things stained deep into the soul.”

Dr. Joyce Rogers – gathers her best students to teach at a school she runs for troubled kids. These kids have been wounded by life. Dr. Rogers’s mission is to love the unlovable kids, the throw a ways, and the abandoned and to give them a second and third chance no one else will give them.

Marylyn Griffith pens a story that will stay in your heart and make you contemplate all that God does in the characters lives. Nothing is tied up in a pretty bow at the end. Life is not like that, but God does promise us healing, grace and a love ever lasting. Thanks to Revell for the review copy.

Nora St. Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator


Marilynn, I didn't read Rhythms but I did read Songs. I'm posting a review later this week. Loved it!

Delores Hines

Marilynn, I loved Songs and I loved Rhythms couldn't wait for the sequel. I loved the rawness of the characters, they all had issues as each of us do in real life. I believe some folks believe that as soon as they accept Jesus life becomes perfect and that's just not true. We come to Jesus baggage and all and He accepts us all of us. Your books showed me that it's ok to work through these issues and that everyone works on their issues in their own ways. I was so moved by the church scenes, the pastor's and the Mother in Songs. Where are those churches at where you can get ugly and people don't look at you like you're crazy. I laughed, I cried, I got mad, I was overjoyed. These books brought out serious emotions and caused me to examine myself. I finished the book weeks ago and still think about the characters and the effect they had on me. Please don't change your writing style for nobody because your writing is the real deal and folks have to love or leave it.

Jennifer C.

I read both Rhythms of Grace and Songs of Deliverance, my review for both is posted on Amazon. I loved them both. Tonight after I posted my review for SOD, I read a review written by someone else and wondered if we read the same book. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what language/wording was used that would confuse another race outside of the African American community. This person left me scratching my head in wonder. I thought what I read in both books was awesome, crafty, and realistic. People who want to read the real truth, even though it is title fiction, would enjoy these two books.

I'm sorry I did not see the entire AA world having pre-martial sex, or living together. Shoot, no one was really living together anyway. That reviewer needed to go get her eyes checked, because we clearly did not read the same book. Everyone is entitled to not liking something they have read, but at least have the contents of the story correct.


This is Brittany again and I am screaming all over, because I want to be able to write a review for Songs...I know I'll love it, because Rythyms is still in my system. I have been longing for "Christian' fiction of this nature for sometime. Bryan and Grace are my favorite characters! Because we are familiar...the stories...the passion...the culture...please continue to give us truth...these haters need to go read another author if they don't like it...because when I need something to curl up with when I'm snowed in...I hope to find a book written by you with these characters who are so dear to my heart!


Finally someone is telling truth in the church!!! Yes, we are the redeemed of the Lord, but we are redeemed by faith, "the substance of things hoped for,the evidence of things not seen". But we live in the real world, we have real problems and we do stumble and fall. He is always there to pick us up if we'll just take His hand. We must "confess our sins and he IS faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness", problem is we are not always willing and ready to forgive and we don't always recognize that we are in the wrong. That's what i liked about Songs of Deliverance, as indicated by the characters, the author recognizes our tendency to wallow in our own self pity. These things happen not only in "black" churches, but in churches throughout North America. I love your writing style, Marilynn, not only for myself, but because this style is relevant to the unchurched of today, the seeking, perhaps. Readers who don't know christ can relate to the characters' flaws, but must wonder about how they (the characters)can reach out to a God who loves them, in spite of their imperfections. Thank you for pouring out your gift to others on paper, and keep looking to Him for inspiration and guidance, He will not fail you. Just a grateful reader, Ramona


I read both books in this series and loved them. Marilynn is one of my newfound favorite authors. I didn't see anything wrong with anything in the books. They were about things that happen in real life that know one talks about but eventually comes out anyways. I would recommend them for anyone of any race to read (I'm white). I just wish she would write another one to go with them.


I read Songs of Deliverance and I say don't listen to reviews. There are women out there and some guilty pleasure men, who are reading the words God gave you to minister to them, and they are saying to themselves, "God still loves and accepts me?" Then they are falling on their knees in prayer. They are thanking God for His love and they are turning back to Him, or coming for the first time. Blessed are those who suffer for His sake. Just don't stop the work you are doing, unless God tells you to. Oh, and I was reading the book to find out what happens. I thought it set itself up for a third book, but maybe not. I did like Rythms of Grace better, but Songs has a place in my heart. (Especially my copy) Write On Sistah


Your books are wonderfully well written. I happened upon the book 'PINK' and I haven't been able to get enough of your writing since.

books by black authors

Don't let it get to you. People will only have bad things to say if they don't the whole point of your writing.


So, I'm really late to the discussion, but I just recently read this book on my winter break from school. I LOVED IT! I thought it was real, and true. There are a lot of "secrets" in the church everyone knows about but no one talks about so how do we get healing or at the very least not repeat the same mistakes. Let's be open, and speak truth about the past, which will hopefully allow us to walk together towards a better future.
May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors! You are fabulous! :)

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