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December 15, 2007


Claudia Mair Burney

I think you did a great job on the S.O.S. series. What I liked best is that they remained a multi-culti ensemble cast in every book. So it wasn't here's the black girl, and here's the Asian girl, and here's the Latina. They were all present and accounted for.

Writing a white male pov in Zora and Nicky was a stretch for me, but it changed me, more than my book will change the world. I saw how humanity is what it's all about. And we all have it. There are different shades--like your series, lovie, but we pretty much have the same drives, passions, and hurts. Writing out of my culture showed me more what it is to be in the kingdom of God: way cooler. Much better than being segregated and ethnocentric.


Hi, I enjoyed MADE OF HONOR. In the store, I glanced at JADE before it was gone, but I read PINK, because she looked like me. Isn't that awful?

I'm planning to read Burney's ZORA AND NICKY when it comes, because believe it or not, my first boyfriend was not black (I thought he was white, but I've been looking back at some pictures and wondering if he may have had some red or brown blood mixed in.) We didn't talk about race.) I know I'm going relate very well to the interracial thing.

I attend a predominately white congregation and just last Sunday in Sunday School, the teacher said something that reminded me that our cultural backgrounds were different. In five years I'd never brought our differences up, but I felt the need to respond to the teacher's comment, which wasn't negative, but ended up opening the door for other conversation to follow. We had to skip a few chapters in Ezra because we got off schedule. I was so embarrassed.

Anyway, thank you for writing this. I admire your stretching yourself and going there. My father used to say in the pulpit, "There won't be a black heaven and a white heaven."

There really won't.

God bless you.


Thanks, Lovie! I know you're saying that because you love me, but still... And Zora and Nicky (and all the other gazillion books you're releasing next year ) is the bomb! And I look forward to falling in love with Belle and Jazz all over again.

much love,


Hi, I enjoyed MADE OF HONOR. In the store, I glanced at JADE before it was gone, but I read PINK, because she looked like me. Isn't that awful?

Nope. That's human. :) I think it's great about the Sunday School talk too. Those things have to happen. I admire YOU for that. :)



I've enjoyed MADE OF HONOR and TURQUOISE. The others are on my TBR list, even JADE which might take a bit of creative searching.

As far as writing other cultures, I think it comes down to understanding that we're all human. The rest is window dressing. So you study the design of the curtains, the handiwork, the coloring, etc. and then you write about them. But you never forget that they're curtains, or in this case, people.

Sorry I'm late to the 12 Days of Christmas. My blog notifier doesn't always pick Rhythms up.




I'll be giving Jade away during the 12 Books of Christmas and there are still copies around. Sorry the notifier didn't pick us up. Probably because it's usually lights out over here. LOL Thanks for stopping by.


Karen H.

It never crossed my mind that you might not be able to write about characters outside your own race or culture.

My struggle with the Shades of Style series was how would Jade relate to me? How could I have anything in common with an Asian woman? How could her Christian walk be anything like mine?

I only read Jade because Pink was so good that I wanted to continue reading your books and that was the next one. I have to say that I'm glad that it was the second book in the series. I think that must have been divine intervention. I probably would not have read the series if it had been the first book. I wouldn't have learned such an important lesson if it had been 3rd or 4th. I'll try to explain why.

Had either Tangerine or Turquoise been next, I would not have had any issue with reading them. I wouldn't have stopped to wonder could I relate to their stories. Mainstream media in this country mainly focuses on Black people, White people and Brown people. Had Jade been the 3rd or 4th book in the series I would have already known that I loved the series and her character from the other books.

Since she was 2nd and there isn't a lot of exposure to Asian characters in our media - it made me stop and think. Does that make sense? I hope so. I feel really bad for the people who won't get a chance to read Jade because they had thoughts like me. They really missed out on a treat and big lesson.

Although I believe that people are people regardless of their skin color, I apparently believed that Christians were different based on the color of their skin. Jade showed me that's not true. We all have the same struggles and insecurities in our Christian walk.



This is a really good point. Asians aren't depicted as often in mainstream media. Camy Tang has done well so far with her Asian Christian fiction and if nothing else, I hope that Jade cracked a bit of a door for her to be able to tell her stories. Thank you so much for reading JADE and the rest of the books of well. Come back soon. It's great to have you in the conversation.



hi. i stumbled across your Rhythms of Grace blog on blogspot by googling "zedekiah" and following links in the middle of my private time with God this morning.... that i even had private time ws incredible, as i am in the midst of finals in my senior year of college, trying to decide what to do with my life after graduation, stressed out tryna pay bills... anyway...

your post from 2004 about micaiah and zedekiah referred to exactly what i happened to stumble upon when i opened my bible. i saw the situation in a whole new light, even chuckling at the chicken wing references (my stomach is growling now, though... its about to be not funny if i don't find some breakfast)

God used your writing to truly touch my life. i went to the front page of your blog and read our last posts and poems and prayers and was awestruck. to read someone else's work where God was the focus, to see poetry effectively used as a tool to further the kingdom was so encouraging. poetry is something i love and i've been struggling lately to find that balance where i can uplift Christ through my writing in a way thats not corny and encourages others.

keep doing what you're doing :o)

you've simultaneously changed a life while gaining another reader in the process




Now you know you got me, right? I don't think anybody has ever commented about that Micaiah post except to say they didn't get it! LOL I am so thankful that God used some of my ramblings to bless you in some way. I rpay that the Lord continues to keep you at college and bless your words and deeds as you continue to serve HIm.


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