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August 04, 2010


Denise Spooner

Virginia, I must let you know how much your blog entry blessed me and spoke to my soul.

The cry of my heart is to be nourished through roots..... God's roots, into deep and rich soil being His foundation, and to feed upon His life-giving nutrients refreshed by a never-ending water supply as you'd mentioned in your entry. WOW!

My passion is serving those who are hurt and are broken, blessing those that Christ died for and caring for the homeless (orphans) when no one else cares for them. I work with homeless teens and at risk youth and want to be that olive tree whose leaves are green and its branches sturdy. I also, am a writer of an inspirational nature thus my tagname being 'created2blessothers'. Housing homeless teens before has created in me a humble yet thankful heart before my Lord. We loved them, enjoyed caring for them, watched them grow spiritually and finally flourish on their own. Blessing others has been a mission of mine for many years. I never thought of it as providing shade from the scorching heat, until I moved back to Phoenix, AZ last February. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and encouraging others whose fruit has not yet ripened yields rewards far more than words can express so I had to write and thank you for posting here. These words are like a cool, refreshing breeze softly kissing my face and lifting my spirit to heights never fathomed before.

Thank you, thank you! :-)

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