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April 08, 2010


Diane Marie Shaw

Well today is better than yesterday. Yesterday I woke to about two inches of snow on the ground. It had melted by mid afternoon. I live in Colorado Springs and April snows are not unusual but I am tired of it. I want Spring to come and stay until Summer.

Camy Tang

SNOW??? Ugh!!!!

Brenda B. Hill

Hi Camy, Here in GA the pollen is so thick it is like fog on the interstate. It rained a little 1 day last wk and not to rain again till Tuesday. :( The only way to get rid of the pollen is rain so we pray for rain every other day. Everything is yellow even the shurbs, flowers, my silver car, patio, etc. I don't like cold weather so I was glad to see the 80's last week now the 70's..
Hope the rain stops for you and moves here. LOL :)

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Camy Tang

Are you serious? OMG I can't even imagine that much pollen!

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