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March 25, 2010



I'm more of a cat person, but I learned to love dogs after my brother adopted our dog. :) I like them equally now, but if I had a choice, I'd get a cat since they're lower maintenance. At least...I think so. :D


I like - and have - both. Tina's right - cat's are lower maintenance. You can leave them with a box and some food for a few days and they're fine, unlike a dog. As far as petting cats goes, just take it slow and let them get comfortable with you first. They might get spooked if you move in too fast. If a cat rubs up against you, then it's probably safe to pet it. Just like people (and dogs) some are quicker to get friendly than others.

Suzanne Krein

I think I'm more of a cat person, even though I now have a dog named Snoopy. (Yes, she looks just like the dog from Peanuts -- white with black ears and a big black spot on her back -- except she's a girl!) She's sweet and fun and rather needy. I think dogs are needier than cats.

I also have three cats. One of them, Smokie, is my baby! She sleeps on a pillow by my head every night (she's not spoiled!) and gets very excited when I spend a day at home with her.

And, Camy, I think one of the secrets to petting a cat is to let them sniff your hand first. Not sure what they tell by the sniff, but if they approve of you, they will usually then submit to some stroking. Of course, if the sniff reveals that you're a dog person, they may go the other way!


I have only ever owned dogs, but I have been around cats a lot. I think I'm more of a dog person, but I enjoy cats too.

I don't know why this is, but all the short-haired cats I've known are more unfriendly and more likely to scratch, while the long-haired cats I've known have begged me for attention. So, the long shot of this is, I guess, that if I ever get a cat it'll be a long-haired one. I want a black one with green eyes and I'll call it Jinx, lol.

Camy Tang

Tina, very true! Cats are way lower maintenance!

Carrie--Thanks! That's great advice!

Suzanne, I have tried the sniffing since you have to do that with dogs, too, but I think I pet them wrong somehow because I'll get scratched after that. :(

Sasafras, I think you're right! The friendliest cats I've known have been all long-haired. The best one was a Persian named Valentino.



I'm definitely more of a dog person. I know this as I sit here, typing, and sit hear cringing as the cat I am currently babysitting licks it paws! The slurping sound is like nails on a chalk board to me! I can somehow handle a dogs panting with no problem though. Fun post!

Camy Tang

Cats make a sound when they lick their paws? I didn't know that!

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