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December 10, 2009



One of the best things I've ever done for myself was create a personal perfume. It wasn't very expensive, $20, and I LOVE the scents. I've done this several times over the last few years because my taste has changed or I want something for different occasions. I have a sassier, more woodsy perfume that I wear out on dates or when I'm in the mood for fun. If I want to create a more romantic mood for myself I'll wear the more romantic one. Perfume sooo goes with what you're trying to do for the day. It's an accessory to an outfit. :)

Camy Tang

Hey that's a great idea! Thanks, Malia!

Diane Shaw

Timely post. I realize since I stopped working last year I do not dress as professionally as I used to, spending most of my time in jeans. Have also been trying new hair style but don't like what I got so will keep trying to find something that is attractive for a 63 year old woman who doesn't want to look her age.
Thanks for the prodding to improve.

Phil Staudt

I realize I do not belong on this page, but I always love reading what Camy Tang writes, because she cracks me up.


I'm always changing my hairstyles and I've wondered if it is to make ME feel good. It's not as costly as buying a new wardrobe and not as hard as losing weight! lol

Camy Tang

Diane, the best thing I did was ask the advice of a professional hair stylist who understood what my hair would naturally do (flip up once cut to a certain length) and what would look good with my face shape. The style she suggested looks so much better than anything I tried before!

Phil--LOL Thanks! You're always welcome here!

Sherrinda--that's a good point! My new hairstyle really does make me feel good!



So where are the pics of this new do? ;)No matter how I cut my hair, it always looks pretty much the same. Give or take a little volume!

Camy Tang

I'll get pics up eventually, maybe after Christmas? I haven't actually had my pic taken yet with my new haircut styled.

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