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January 21, 2009



Camy, weight loss has been a life long struggle for me, last year in particular, so I'm no expert on this. I didn't lose much in 2008, in fact, nothing at all but I learned a lot, and using those learnings, I've already lost 9 lbs this year.

Here's the first thing I learned: to lose weight, you have to sweat. Seriously sweat. Exercise 20 min 3x per week will not do it. I figured this out by watching The Biggest Loser show.

Try ramping your exercise up to 60 min 3x per week or 45 min 5x per week. If walking, keep a brisk but comfortable pace. And you really need to be building muscle, which requires use of those weights you have. I use strength training DVDs, like the Cathy Friedrich (I think that's her name) series from Prevention Magazine. When you're ready to go all-out bootcamp, consider picking up the Biggest Loser Cardio and Power Sculpt DVDs. You'll sweat like you never have before and build muscle big time.

You have to get adequate sleep, at least 6 hours a night. Lack of sleep causes the body to work inefficiently and fight against your weight loss.

You also have to hydrate. Big time. 8-16 cups of water a day. After a couple of days, your body will adjust to this level of water and not have you running quite so much.

You already know you have to make good food choices and at the same time, cut back on calories. Less calories in, more calories expended equals weight loss.

Finally, you have to talk to yourself. Affirm what you are doing. When you have those special "aha" moments, like your waistband is looser, your ankles are skinnier, your jaw is not sagging as much (okay, maybe those are my moments), savor them. Spend five minutes relishing the feeling and mentally photographing it for later recall. You'll need that when you hit those times when you don't want to exercise, don't get enough sleep, absolutely have to have that chocolate dessert, etc.

Lastly, you're already journaling your food. Journal about your thoughts and feelings on this weight loss journey. It will help, again, to be able to look back and see how far you've come and how you were able to do it.

Here's to that size 6 by September!

Camy Tang

Thanks, Patricia! That's totally good advice. I do 45 minutes 5x a week (either running or stationary bike) and I do strength training 3x a week, so your advice is very affirming to me. Thanks also for the reminder to talk to myself and affirm myself!

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