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November 27, 2008


Kelly  B

I have been a recessionista (without knowing it apparently) all my life. I shopped thrift stores before it became cool. :) I wish I could sew or knit. I really do need to find an adult center that will teach me that skill. Ross is my shop of choice now. Their desinger week is always incredible! I have always been the type to buy the classics and jazz them up with accessories from scarves, pins, to a funky belt. I have also been blessed with friends who are the same size and who like to share clothes. If I need a different cocktail dress for a party or a wedding, if I want to go skiing, if I need a new Halloween costume or if I am heading on a trip and need extra luggage pieces...I can count on my friends. We also use this as a way to keep our weight in check as we want to be able to continue sharing. It is a great way to expand your wardrobe without depleting funds. :)

Camy Tang

Ugh, I wish I had friends the same size as me! I need to lose weight!


I'm a recessionista, too... maybe that's why we're friends. We need to go shopping together. :)

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