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October 23, 2008


Lynn Rush

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE BUFFY! I'm a total freak, I know. I like Charmed, Buffy, anything with strong women kicking some demon butt! LOL.

I don't have the Buffy DVDs, but I think I've seen every episode twice over the years.

It kinda goes along with my genre, though..so I guess it's no surprise.

Kelly  B

Oh my goodness! Girl, I am CRAZY about Buffy. I own season 1, 2, and 3! I have dozens of the comic books and also two sets of paper dolls (what can I say I dated a comic book geek back in the day). Oz was possibly my favorite character of them all. Angel was hot, but Oz just had so much appeal for his charm and sense of humor and of course who wouldn't love Xander. :) One of my faves totally. The series kind of got lame the last three or so seasons, but that was fine by me, I got into Angel then. :) Happy watching.

Camy...you rock.

Camy Tang

LOL thanks Lynn and Kelly! Good to know I'm in good company re: Buffy.

Lynn, I heard that about the last few seasons of Buffy, but it's good to know Angel takes up the slack.


Crystal Renfro

I've loved Buffy from way back.. and I liked it all the way through.. My favorite is the show where they did the whole thing as a musical.

Nobody has mentioned how great Giles is!!!
And I started really liking Spike despite myself near the end.

If you decide you really like Spike when you are done with the DVDs, Camy, try "Halfway to the Grave" The Night Huntress series. Not at all inspirational, but the main male character, Bones, is a dead ringer for Spike.. though the author says that wasn't her intent. But her heroine REALLY kicks butt.
Eharlequin book challenge: crystalrclass
C2KS Kwips and Kritiques reviewer

Camy Tang

Thanks for the recommendation, Crystal! And I agree, Spike is VERY cool! I really like him despite the fact he's the bad guy.


I am not a Buffy fan, but I am a huge Chuck fan! You should try the show Eureka on SciFi. It rocks.

Camy Tang

OMG I LOVE Eureka! That's got to be one of the funniest series I've watched. My geek side is really showing.

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