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July 24, 2008


Katy McKenna

Camy, I truly believe that the amount of productive and helpful blogging you get done shows tremendous discipline. And then, the great and thorough critiques you do for other writers. And then the books you get written. Okay, I haven't eaten sugar for 8.5 years, so I guess that's something. But I wish I'd accomplished half as much as you while I was sitting around not eating sugar! Ha.


God, when you're finished with Camy, if you'd stop by...

Audra Krell

If spent a quarter of the time doing instead of thinking, I'd be a millionaire and 20 lbs lighter.


The picture of you is a normal-sized person. Unless it was taken a looong time ago, I say, "Give yourself a break!"

stacey nelson

Camy the fact that you write, complete
assignments, and have your work published shows a tremedous amount of self control. The food thing. I absolutely know what you're saying. For the past six months, my eating has been out of control. I finally decided just this past Monday, my flesh was not going to rule anymore! My friend and I decided to keep a daily journal of everything we eat. Talk about accountability. Your "choices" are right in your face. It's working! I don't want to eat junk because I don't want to write it down. But I think the biggest thing that helped was fasting and consecrating myself before I started making changes. It helped me to get my flesh in check. The first part of change is awareness. You're just fine Camy.


Time to set smaller goals.

Today I will only eat half a bag of M & M's.

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