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June 25, 2008


Melinda Smith

Prayer shawls are usually knit or crocheted for people with cancer. The person usually spends a lot of time at hospitals or treatment centers where it's cold. Plus, with all the drugs in their systems, their body chemistry changes & they're cold most of the time. Having a beautiful shawl to wrap up in that was made by someone who prayed for them while making it is such a comfort. I made one for my MIL last year while she was undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer.

Camy Tang

That makes sense! I didn't know that. Thanks, Melinda!


I've struggled with the same thing. A friend wants a prayer shawl and I like the idea but who would use it.

Thanks Melinda for sharing the purpose of one.

Melissa's Cozy Teacup

I can't remember if I showed you this before or not. Here is a mini tea cozy. This lady knitted it with pins!

Camy Tang

OH MY GOSH THAT'S AMAZING!!! Thanks for posting the link!

Cheryl Klarich

Hi Camy. I was crocheting a really cute shawl in a lightweight pale green yarn and about halfway through I felt impressed that it was for a lovely young wife of an airforce special forces officer that I know. It helped that she happened to look like the model in the picture... I really enjoyed praying for this adorable couple as I finished the shawl. I explained in a note that there were no rules- that she could wear it with jeans or a sundress- or not... It turned out that cute.
Bottom line: I got so blessed and felt like the act of creating something for them was worth it. It was a prayer that I needed to release.

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