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February 12, 2008


Angela Meuser

I couldn't agree more. Judgemental people are definitely a trigger for me. I've written more abou it on my blog titled "Attack on Authors" if you want to read it. http://www.shoutlife.com/profile_view.cfm?uid=39589&blog_id=179371&view_mode=blog

Katie Johnson

This is such a sad, but true post. I had an awful experience with this exact sort of judgement within the past year. I happen to have a close loved one who is suffering from chronic depression who was placed on drugs (That, with a lot of love and attention, is helping enormously.) I sat at a table of women who ripped into depression and drugs so vehemntly that I was momentarily stunned. There was absolutely no room for arguing with these people. They knew it ALL.

Also at the table was a young woman who I know had tried to commit suicide twice before she finally went to a Dr. who put her on a drug that changed her life.

Just recently, a dear friend's brother committed suicide after failing at his first attempt. He too was severely depressed and felt like maybe he shouldn't be on meds. He was going on and off of them and Dr's were never able to help stabilze him the way he needed to be.

This is just a tiny example of, I think, what you're talking about. It's so tragically sad to know that the opinions that you hold, the words that you so loudly speak, without thought, can harm someone else beyond repair.

I agree so wholeheartedly. If there were ONE thing that the bible tries to teach us, it's to love God and to love each other. I wish people would remember that we are all one as a people.

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