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December 09, 2007


Timothy Fish

I think it comes down to the attitude that Zacharias had. We can see from his fear in the earlier verses that Zacharias knew that this was an angel. So in Luke 1:20 we see that he was made dumb because he did not believe. Gideon is probably one of the best examples of a person asking for signs from the Lord (Judges 6). I think that Gideon’s requests were treated differently because Gideon was asking because of his own insecurities and self doubt rather than doubting that God was able to do what he said. Zacharias was doubting the word of God, even with God’s messenger standing in front of him. You will recall that Ahaz refused to ask for a sign when God instructed him to do so. God gave him a sign anyway and the result was not what we would consider to be good. The pleasantness of the signs that God gives appear to be dependent on the attitude of the person to whom he is giving it.

Deena @ My Bookshelf

We just talked about Zachariah in Bible study on Sunday, about his speechlessness, in fact!

Great post!

Can't wait for your new book...been waiting a long time:-)

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