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October 25, 2007



My quiet area is my pile of books and my comfy chair. I love to read and learn.

Michelle Gregory

Funny, Marlo Schalesky just posted something about having white space in her life. Wonder if God is trying to tell me something.


Rachel Hauck

Great point. I sit outside with the dog and pray. :)


Deena @ My Bookshelf

My tranquility corner is my bedroom, with my big, huge pile of books by my favorite authors just waiting for me:-)

Nancy Brandt

My corner is, surprisingly, in the corner of my living room, right where my family "lives."

It's an old recliner with a small table next to it. On the table is a bunch of books I'm probably in the middle of reading and a lamp. On the other side of my chair is a huge bag and a picnic basket of my counted cross stitch projects. The chair is next to the fire place and there is a pile of books and notebooks, for writing. My writing bag, with notecards, my Alpha Smart, pens, composition books, and writing books is also be there because a back problem made it hard to sit at the computer.

It's not neat and tidy, but it's my "nest" and I always feel recharged after some time there.

Dynamic Uno

I'm loving the M&M's in your corner! Chocolate is a MUST if there's going to be any tranquility around here. Well, okay, chocolate AND a cushy pillow! :)

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