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October 09, 2007



Aaaaack! You would have to say that. I currently live in the Midwest. I hate it here. I am a northeast kinda girl. I have to daily remind myself that God planted us here and we can't leave until He allows us to. What do I like about the Midwest? It's a really short list:
We have a great library system in our town.
Bald eagles winter along the river just minutes from my home.
There are some fabulous restaurants on the other side of the river (mmm even Turkish! yum-o)
Our church is full of wonderful people.
My kids go to a great Christian school.

See....told you it was a short list.


Ok, I have to say Kristin, I usually completely agree with everything that you say, but not today.

First off, I have a red convertible saab...and I LOVE it! I've wanted one forever, and I finally got one a couple years ago -- new to me, but 6 years old (8 now).

And, I've never really loved Silicon Valley either. Granted, the weather is awesome, and the scenery beautiful, but it's too busy for me. Of course, I LOVE to read all about it in your books because I've spent a lot of time up there visiting family and friends...but I'm a midwest girl now, and I don't think I'll ever move back to the "Left Coast." =)


The question is, Sally, do you own the Bee Gees album to make it complete? I'm not a Saab fan, sorry, did you notice I gave Seth one in my books? LOL But I think every girl should have a convertible, and I'm proud of you. Currently, I have a minivan with a sunroof and it does NOT cut it!

I'm pretty ADD so I love the pace here, but it does drive my hubby nuts too, so I feel your pain. But it's my home, and like the red dirt of Tara for Scarlett, it's my place of solace.

I really wish I could live elsewhere, you wouldn't believe the price of my dumpy house. LOL KB


I had forgotten that Seth had a Saab...but mine is much cooler than his! LOL

And I'm sad to say that within 6 months I will be forced to depart with my dear Saab...since we are expecting our first little one, and I can't convince hubby to let me lift the car seat over the side of the Saab with the top down. I will deparately miss my convertible!! Maybe in another 20 years, I can get another one??

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