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October 11, 2007


Deena @ My BookshelfD

You finished book three!! Hurray!! Now, if I can only get my hands on book two! LOL!!


I feel your pain, Camy!

All the writing and reading I do means I either exercise more or shop for larger clothes.

I walk several times a week with a girlfriend but it is not enough, I need to walk everyday. Thanks (I think) for the reminder.


It wasn't a fluke, Camy! You did it. It happened. But every year we get older, it gets harder. Sad but true.

I'm with you. I'm doing Denise's Dance Mix video in the mornings. I like that I can mix and match which segments of the video I wish to do, giving myself a bit of variety in the dance routines and changing the length of the workout from 20 min to 55, depending on how many segments I select.

Indoor walking? I assume that means on a treadmill?

Hang in there! You're not alone.

Now if I could just stay away from the snacks in the pantry in the evenings...

Tasra Dawson

I've got some Leslie DVDs too, but my son seems to be more interested in doing them than I am. I have my moments of interest, but they don't usually last too long. Hopefully yours will last longer!

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