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May 03, 2007


Ginny Smith

Not only am I totally 'over' American Idol, I can confess here among you faithchicks that I was never on it to begin with. Doesn't interest me even a tiny bit. I've never watched a full episode. Ever.

But I'm TOTALLY with you on the cell phone rant. And it's everywhere, not just in California. My husband and I drove across the country this week, from Utah to Kentucky, and we felt like we were running a gauntlet to avoid totally clueless cell phone users. One on a motorcycle, no less!

julie carobini

I''m hanging onto Idol for tradition's sake, but seriously, it's pretty much of a yawner this season. So I'm with you. And as for the cell phone thing? Something I once wanted so badly, I hardly use (except for keeping in touch with my kids). I'm glad to have it but DON'T call me when I'm driving. And I WILL NOT (hear me?), will not, wear one of those funky earpieces when I'm running errands. That's just TOO weird.

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