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June 21, 2006


julie carobini

Oh Susan, if I could reach through this screen right now and give you a bug hug I would! This could have been me, really, really, really. So glad you (we) have God our your (our) side :-)

um, this would make a great scene in a mom-lit story...

Ane Mulligan

Oh Susan. I'm sorry, but I laughing my head off. That is way too funny. Why am I laughing so hard? Well ... guess what? Yep. Been there done that. Fortunately, mine was only an hour and a half away, but oh such memories you evoked. :o}

Rachel Hauck

Oh Susie!! That's incredible! Wrong kid to camp. I suppose it happens! But how wonderfully God worked it out.

You're awesome!

Love, Rachel

sharon hinck

Susan, this was a brilliant post (and even though I felt awful for you, it gave me a LOT of comfort). The Master To Do list certainly contends against all of us overwhelmed women. I'm trying to remember I've been rescued from it.

Tricia Goyer

I am a sick, sick woman, but your story brightened my day! It's not just me who's overcommitted and overwhelmed. And God does care!


Oh Susie! This is so like my life... LOL I love you for sharing it. And that Naomi is a gem. :) Hope you two get to have some fun soon.


I have no husband nor any child. Nor any close friend of God's and mine, Susie!
But? I have a book to read which you have written and lots of time to get smitten!
You always make my day!
Luv, Gail

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