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February 11, 2006


Kristin Billerbeck

I'm there with ya babe. If I have something to say, I'll put it on paper. Great blog!

Colleen Coble

Di is the exact illustration of a deer in the headlights. But she's sooo funny, she's going to be getting more and more requests!

Ane Mulligan

And I have the opposite problem! That's why I made such a good lobbyist. LOL - I've never met an audience (or lamppost for that matter) that I couldn't talk to. Just ask my dh. :o))

Rachel Hauck

Di, it gets easier. :) Might as well get used to it. :)



I used to have the same problem, Diann. And then I joined a traveling contemporary Christian band and performed twice a month for several years. For some reason, singing into a microphone in front of crowds wasn't nearly as scary. (Go figure.) And after a while, I realized talking in front of a group wasn't much different than singing.

And now, like Rachel, I love public speaking. They don't dare hand me a microphone. I won't give it back.


Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Maybe there is hope for me in front of more than four people. Don't bet your M&Ms on it, though.


Heather Diane Tipton

Oooooh I so understand how you feel. I was recently forced (yes I said forced.) to speak in front of people. I had the whole teeth chattering, holding on to my paper, with what I was going to say, in a death grip... But you know... I didn't do badly, God used me that night and He blessed me. Will I speak in front of people again? I would LOVE to say no but I don't think God will let me get off that easily. LOL

Camy Tang

I'm with everyone else, it WILL get better the more often you do it. I'm worship leader at church on Sundays once a month, and while the first few times I said really stupid things and sounded like a complete idiot, no one noticed, no one pointed and laughed, or anything like that.

I think it makes a difference, too, when you speak to a group of people who are there to actually listen to you. When I stand up at church, most people want me to just shut up and dismiss the congregation so they can go home and watch football.


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