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July 13, 2009


Sarah Sumpolec


Christy Klein

Oh, sweet sister in Christ, how you've nailed this on the head! I am constantly amazed and ashamed at what professing Christians will do. These young ladies had such potential to influence young girls for the cause of Christ. It sickens me as a mother and breaks my heart.

I also addressed the Miss California issue on my blog here http://christyklein.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/a-little-ranting-and-a-little-raving/

Thank you for taking a stand! This is a wonderful post.


I think the sins continue to mount too. Example? When Halle Barry's husband was deemed a porn addict, then she had to prove herself beautiful and worthy and her photos became increasingly trampy. So we need to start holding men accountable too. Heidi, a man who thinks it's okay to share your body with others does not love you. A real man protects his wife and takes pride in what's HIS. Women are the ultimate gate keepers here, but we've gotten so attention hungry in the world. Personally, I think you're going to stand out if you keep your clothes on, but that's me.

Jonathan Paul

Thanks for this. It's hard to understand the thought process that's going on there.

I'd differ with you on one small thing though, "You're causing husbands, brothers, fathers to lust and sin in their hearts betraying the wives they love."

I've heard guys in the church say that kind of thing too, and it bothered me. I don't think we can cause others to sin; they are agents of free will, they choose to (or choose not to) sin.

Certainly, we ought to behave in such a way that makes it easier - rather than more difficult - for others to make the right choice... and I think that's what you're really saying here. :o)

Rachel Hauck

Yes, certainly men choose to sin, Jonathan. You are very right. But with the abounding of boobs and butts everywhere, it makes it that much harder for me committed to holiness.

But yes, it's there responsibility to guard their eyes.


Joanne Sher

Amen and Amen! You put this into words eloquently and powerfully. It makes me so sad, and angry, when those who profess Christ cause others to stumble when they easily could have not. (and we all make people stumble)Powerful.

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